The GR7 Walking Route

14 Feb

‘The gold road’s sure a long road Winds on through the hills for fifteen days’

– Fool’s Gold – The Stone Roses.

I doubt there’s any gold hidden in these hills, but something about that line from the Stone Roses’ song always makes me think of the GR7 – a more than significant stretch of an ancient walking route (now called the E4) which starts in Spain, and winds through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and ends in Greece.

Rutasyviajes web gives a perfect overview of the whole Spanish part of the GR7.


The section of the GR7 that runs through the western Alpujarras is over 100 km long and can be trekked without a tent of your own. The distance between the villages with accommodation en route is never more than 14 km and there are also several campsites not far from the route itself.
The guide ´Walking the GR7 in Andalucia´ divides this part in 6 walking days from west to east.
The ´Senda Granadina Tramo Alpujarreno Laroles-Lanjarón´ divides this section in 7 walking days from east to west.
The Spanish website of the Mancommunidad has the following stage description with maps, distances, times and profiles (all pdf files).

•Etapa 1: Puerto de la Ragua – Laroles
•Etapa 2: Laroles – Válor
•Etapa 3: Válor – Mecina Bombarón
•Etapa 4: Mecina Bombarón – Cádiar
•Etapa 5: Cádiar – Trevélez
•Etapa 6: Trevélez – Busquístar
•Etapa 7: Busquístar – Bubión
•Etapa 8: Bubión – Soportújar
•Etapa 9: Soportújar – Lanjarón
•Etapa 10: Lanjarón – Nigüelas

This is a list of the villages en route offering accommodation and the distance to the next village. It shows how easy it is to plan your own route according to the number of kilometres you want to walk per day or where you would prefer to stay. Of course, there’s only really one place to stay along the entire GR7….. and if you’d like us to arrange transport to or from a specific village along the way, just let us know.

Lanjarón – Cañar (7.9 km)
Cañar – Soportújar (8.2 km)
Soportújar – Pampaneira (7.6 km)
Pampaneira – Bubión (1.5 km)
Bubión – Pitres (5.6 km)
Pitres – Pórtugos (3.2 km)
Pórtugos – Busquístar (2.2 km)
Busquístar – Trevélez (14 km)
Trevélez – Juviles (9.0 km)
Juviles – Cádiar (9.6 km)
Cádiar – Bérchules (5.3 km)
Bérchules – Mecina Bombarón (6.0 km)
Mecina Bombarón – Yegen (7.2 km)
Yegen – Válor (5.5 km)
Válor – Mairena ( (7.3 km)
Mairena – Laroles (6.7 km)


The Rutasyviajes website has a complete run-down of the whole Andalucian route. It is a Spanish website and unfortunately limits the downloads per person per week.


GR7 and GR142 combined
Complete detailed map of the Sierra Nevada
The whole Andalusian section on


The Spanish topo guide at Tienda Verde
Walking the GR7 in Andalucia (Cicerone Guide)

Senderos de Gran Recorrido GR 7. Senda Granadina.
Tramo Alpujarreño: Laroles – Lanjarón.
Edición 1999, 205 pág. Autores: Mariano Cruz, Jesús Espinosa, Natalio Carmona

Edita: Proyecto Sur de Ediciones. ISBN: 84-8254-930-8


The ALSA bus routes and schedules may help in organizing your trekking holiday.

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